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Data 4 Governance Lab
Data For Governance Lab

Who we are

D4G Lab is a platform for ICT Policy Entrepreneurs devoted itself to address regulatory challenges which are still very much relevant today: efficiency and pragmatism of rules and legislations, innovation in public governance, the impartiality of arbitration, quality of working relationship between regulators and private actors… While we have no personal or professional affiliation with these political leaders and their families, we chose the name of our firm as both a tribute and an affirmation of shared commitments. So, we are a mediator for training both policy-makers and private-sector on a large scale to ensure public interest at the national level esp. in the ICT field as an emerging paradigm of governance.


Energy Yar

Close to 50% of Iranian population esp. at the household level lives without any car of its own, with 40% living in the urban areas. Like many other governments, the Iranian Government started to ration Gasoline again in an unjust way – giving quota to each car instead of each person! This means continuing to pay a subsidy to high consumption users from all Iranians’ pockets! (which puts pressure on vulnerable populations, who must travel distances in a more expensive manner to work, study and live).
One of the best ways to implement this policy is giving a quota of Gasoline (for example, 20 liters per month) to each individual. Then anyone; who, does not have a car or does not want to consume her quota can sell it to those; who, consume a lot of gasoline, in an online market, without governmental intervention.
EnergyYar is was a gamified platform by which anyone can figure out, by the implementation of Sharif Governance and Policymaking thinktank’s plan for Gasoline subsidy reform in Iran, how much money can earn or how much can contribute to the poor without any kind of governmental interference. By mid-2019, The platform has been viewed more than 100 K within the Telegram and the Web-Site itself. Moreover, several research institutes and media outlets referred to EnergyYar as a significant alternative to what has been done by the government on November 12.

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