About us

D4G Lab is a platform for ICT Policy Entrepreneurs devoted itself to address regulatory challenges which are still very much relevant today: efficiency and pragmatism of rules and legislations, innovation in public governance, impartiality of arbitration, quality of working relationship between regulators and private actors… While we have no personal or professional affiliation with these political leaders and their families, we chose the name of our firm as both a tribute and an affirmation of shared commitments. So, we are a mediator for training both policy-makers and private-sector in a large scale to ensure public interest at national level esp. in the ICT field as a emerging paradigm of governance.

Our goal is to empower the ability of institutions – including but not limited to governments – and people to work more consistently, collaboratively, effectively and legitimately to make better decisions and solve public problems.

We believe that increased availability and use of data, new ways to leverage the capacity, intelligence, and disruptive technologies such as: AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning, … in the problem-solving process, combined with new advances in technology and science can transform governance.

We approach each challenge and opportunity in an interdisciplinary, collaborative way, irrespective of the problem, sector, geography and level of government.